Battery Draining On Your Phone?

Battery drainage I hope this post finds you doing well. A few months ago, I installed a new battery in my android. (I have the last of the do-it-yourself battery replacement phone.) I noticed a new app on my phone that I did install. I’m thinking it piggy backed off of an app that I wanted to install. Just like on a PC, sometimes when installing an app other apps install without your knowledge. It was some type of screen saver, which I definitely did not want. What I started to notice was that my battery life wasn’t lasting. In an hour or side, I was seeing red in my charge monitor app. I immediately went searching for it in my installed apps on my phone and uninstalled it. In monitoring my battery life, I noticed that my charge was lasting a whole lot longer.

Just like on a computer, apps installed on your phone can be a battery drainer. A good practice is to check the apps that are always running in the background and determine whether you need the app and remove it.  I found this website that gives you step by step with pictures that will walk you through removing apps from your Apple or android. It uses Messenger as an example ; the process is the same for any app.

Remember, every app running on your phone takes up resources and depletes your battery of energy. Take the time to learn your phone. Every app installed and configuration options can be found in the settings of the phone.  For Step by Step, you find hundreds of resources to support you or contact me for one on one support.


Talk to you soon.







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