Speaking The Language


As an IT professional,  I talk to computer users all day everyday. Most of the time, I find myself translating because they are unable to speak the basic computer language. As a result, it usually takes more time to fix a problem with the computer because I have to translate the terminology into layman terms.  Some of the basic language used when an IT professionals needs to fix a problem on your computer are:

Let’s start desktopwith your desktop; when your computer boots up (boot up is all the background initialization that happens when you turn your computer on from a powered off state) , this is where all of the pictures of your programs are located. These pictures are called icons. Behind the icon is an executable that launches the program when you click on it


So the next time you talk to your Technical support person, and they ask you about your desktop and icon, you know what they are. Stay tuned for more technical terms to empower you.