Archive | February 2017

The Power of Vision

Last month, I did a workshop on Vision. One of the things I like about preparing for workshops is it allows me to simmer on the words and feel them in my soul. When I simmer on “Vision” I think about what I see for myself in the future. as well as others in my Circle. I also reflect back on other “Visions” that came to fruition for me and the steps I took to  make it happen.

In the workshop we talked about the ingredients necessary to bring Vision to fruition, which are Core Values, Vision, Mission, Goals, and Action Steps. Core Values surrounds the entire process. So what is Core Values? Core Values are the things that you live by, your constitution. Then there’s the Vision; the What You See in your future. Next, The Mission or the task at hand. Unfortunately, none of this means anything if there is no plan or action taken.

As I reflect back to a particular vision of getting my college degree, I recall thinking about it for a period of time. I discussed it with my family and asked for support. I prayed about it. Then one day I woke up, completed the paperwork to enroll and started.  The time between starting and finishing was very difficult, as that I had a full-time job and a family. Every semester, I felt like I couldn’t make it. There were long and tiresome nights studying and sometimes a few tears. Despite it all, I finished. I am grateful for the experience and strength I received from pursuing that vision. As I pursue, new Visions, I often reflect back on that time as a reminder that if I stay committed, focused and do something daily, it will happen.

So today, I am saying to you, if you have a Vision to do something, by all means do it. Surround yourself with people who have that “get it done” attitude. After all, God gave you your gift for a reason. Be the person you were born to be. You deserve it.

Many Blessings To You and Yours