Archive | November 2012


What is your vision, six months, one year, five years from now? Do you even have a vision? Do you believe that what you envision will come to fruition. How do you connect to your vision? Let’s talk about what vision is. A vision is a dream of something that you want in your life. Maybe it is to get married, start a business, be successful in your business, get your kids through college, change careers. It is whatever you dream to become or have or get done in your life. Most of us have dreams or have had dreams and somehow, life happened and we put those dreams on the back burner. Maybe you just don’t believe it can happen to you. Let me assure you that whatever you dream today, can become reality with a SMART PLAN and ACTION.

One of the main mindsets that is required to bringing your vision to reality is to BELIEVE that:

1. You Can Do IT
2. You Deserve IT
3. It Will Be Done

Keeping visions alive requires constantly being connected to what it is you want. Maybe you like to talk about it to your closest friend or journal. Maybe a vision board is your way of staying connected to what you want. Whatever works for you to stay connected to what has meaning to you, DO IT.

I’d like to personally invite you to the Vision Board Party Tour 2013 happening in a city near you as a way to support you in staying connected to what has meaning to you. Register today and stay connected to your vision. Take Your Life Off Hold