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Today’s Work

I did all I could do today, now I’m letting God do the rest.



Blessed Today

I was watching Joyce Meyers last night and something that she said resonated with me: “Do What You Can Do and God Will Do What You Can’t Do”

 I feel so blessed that I am doing what I can to help someone else and it feels real good.

Thank God for opening up my eyes.

Working my Business Today

I am starting to get angry because I’m not where I thought I would be by this time with my business. They say when you get angry that’s when change happens.  I talked to my Business Buddy and she stated the following:

           A goal properly set is halfway reached.  The fact that you set the wheels in motion and scheduled time to make calls means today is the day!  It will happen for you.  Start dialing girl…. and let me hear some fun call results.   Remember… Smiles can be felt over the phone  so smile and remember you are talking to friends you just haven’t met yet.

Ring Ring = Win Win!

I love my Compass life! Thank you, Jodie 🙂 I dialed 50 numbers today. Woo Hoo!